'The usual suspects' band & welcome cocktail

Muziekpublique - 19h - 25€


For those who don't know Stefan Valdobrev and his "Usual Suspects", they are a band created more than 25 years ago. This band brings together incredible artists: Ivan Lechev (from the legendary band FSB), the jazz/ethno/rock star Stoyan Yankulov (an internationally renown drummer), Veselin Veselinov "Eko" (the leading Bulgarian bass guitar player) and the new generation rising start Miroslav Ivanov who plays the guitar.

As the official opening of the festival with the film 'Benzin' was cancelled, we would like to invite you to a welcome cocktail for the 2017 edition as well as to an encounter with the artists after the concert!

Dear friends, because of the high interest for the concert of Stefan Valdobrev and the "Usual suspects", we had to find a bigger venue! The concert will take place in Muziekpublique Galerie at 3 Square du Bastion next to the metro station Porte de Namur. We are impatient to see you on Sunday october,22! Tickets are also available on site but payement at the venue is accepted only in cash.

The Gronholm method

Espace Senghor - 19:30 - 25 €
Bulgarian language only


Director Plamen Panev
Cast: Svetlana Bonin, Asen Blatechki, Nikolai Urumov, Hristo Bonin

The play grabs us with its sharp sense of humor and its unique stagging by a talented cast! The almost criminal ending makes the "Gronholm method" a complex puzzle of manipulations, logics and attraction. The centre of the plot is a casting organised by a big and well-known company to hire a new general manager with the prospect of a stellar salary.

'High singing' from Satovcha

Polish cultural center - 18:00 - 15 €


The band for 'High Singing' started in the 50's. The biggest contribution to bring these traditional Bulgarian songs to us through the years comes form the founders of the folkloric singing group of the Satovche village. The band received numerous awards during the years and counts as a Bulgarian national treasure.

Hensel and Gretel

Espace Senghor - shows at 11:00 and 13:00 - 12 €
Bulgarian language only

puppet theater

director: Iro Petkov and Simona Nanova

The history of HAnsel and Gretel is well-known to all of us but you will see it exactly such as the brothers Grimm had it in their mind: with the stomes, the crumbs, how Hensel leave them on the path, how a bird eats them, with a glimpse at the faire sugar house and eventually how Gretel pushes the witch in the fireplace
And if you are wondering like us: " How does it come that a mother needs to abandon her kids in the wood?", you are welcome to our show where we will explore one possible answer.

Lift for patients

CIVA - 19:30 - 10 €
Bulgarian with english subtitles


director: Iglika Trifonova

In an attempt to help two of his patients, the psychiatrist Paskalev sets up their encounter. A young boy, hospitalized after his second suicide attempt and a woman, who has just been told that her illness is terminal, meet in the hospital lift. What could happen in the narrow space for the few minutes lift travel from eight to first floor? May be nothing. But may be the infinite love of the woman for her son can touch the desolate stranger boy and bring him back to life. And if the boy wishes to live, may be the woman will gain courage to face the thought of her death. May be.

Book presentation followed by the film "In the mirror"

CIVA - 19:00 (book presentation) 20:00 (film)
6€ per event - combined ticket: 10€

Literature & cinema

Book "Тя, Островът"

Surf, tales and passions, the past and the present, different voices and weird stories - all these are found in the novel "Тя, Островът" as part of a puzzle, which can only be solved by the reader.
Irina Papancheva is one of the succesful Bulgarian writers, author of several children books and novels.

In the mirror
Director - Iulia Kuncheva

„In the mirror” is a wide kaleidoscope of the Bulgarian society - business women, graduates, journalists, tramps, former senators, migrants... - we are all there with the natural human wish for change and beauty. The film is a tragi-comic puzzle of personal confessions, discretely shared with the director, in front of the mirrors of the hairdresser.