Due to the increased interest from 2010 until now to the cultural event that we have organized to promote the Bulgarian culture in Brussels, we decided to organize this sixth edition of the festival. The choice of Brussels to host the festival is not accidental. As people of art, we realize how important is the cultural prestige of a country for its full participation in the European Community. Brussels is the capital of Europe, where is concentrated not only the administration of the European Union, but where live and work people, setting guidelines and policies for the public opinion in Europe.

Unfortunately, Bulgarian culture is one of the most poorly presented in Brussels. For this reason, we started the Festival of Bulgarian Culture in 2011 and the days of Bulgarian culture in March 2012 and we try to introduce different aspects of emblematic Bulgarian culture, Bulgarian Thracian heritage, theatre, cinema and contemporary Bulgarian art. Crowded halls and success of the first and second editions of the festival organized spontaneously leads us to believe that such an event should occur annually and that way it will have a much greater impact and effect. We hope that with joint efforts we will contribute to the presentation of Bulgarian culture in European capitals – Brussels, for its international recognition. Thank you for supporting the festival.